This is my best foot forward.

Hi! I’m James Cassar. I’m the owner of a horrible Twitter account and an equally detestable brain. At least that last bit is what “cerebral palsy” meant to several doctors in 1994, somewhere in Denver, minutes after I was born.

Enough melodrama, though: I wrote about my life and its intersections with music for PropertyOfZack in 2015. The column was called Re-done, and you can read it in its entirety here. I’d like to think that I’ve grown subtler and wiser in the years since, so consider this a soft re-boot of my old haunts.

weird upstairs (the newsletter) follows an attempt to write a memoir under a different title. A lot of the entries here are inspired by that project, but they’re revamped from the ground up. Hope you enjoy.

I don’t think you’d be reading this unless you knew me, but in case you don’t: I’ve also written for Alternative Press, MTV, and more. I was the Managing Editor of Modern Vinyl from 2015 to 2018, and that site fully morphed into the Stereo Confidential podcast, which I co-hosted in varying capacities until June 2020.

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